I don't know why I'm interested in Zizzle.

Seriously. I have absolutely no idea why I'm interested in their products. They're a toy company, for crying out loud, cranking out toys for children. And besides, I have fifteen of the full size "big toys for big boys" versions already!

So I'm not sure why I care about Zizzle. Maybe it's because the machines are going to be really cheap, somewhere around $300. Maybe it's because Stern machines are using children's toys as pieces of them already (example 1, 2, 3). Maybe it's because I'm tired of looking for a Creature Hologram and being asked to pay $350 for it.

Or maybe I'm just excited because somebody is doing something different, something that we haven't seen before.

I can hear the screams on the other end of the bit pipe, "But we've seen toy pinball machines before, Korn!" Well, you're right, you and I both have. They're usually cheap piles of crap that run on maybe 2 C batteries, have completely manual flippers, use marbles for balls, and have maybe one element that actually puts energy back into the ball, if you're lucky.

I think that's where the Zizzle game gets intersting. It plugs in! Once you free yourself from the restrictions of battery power, now you can do all sorts of things, such as make real flippers and real bumpers! I know it sounds crazy to gush about technology that was invented back in the 40's, but remember the target price for the consumer is $300!

So that's why I'm interested in Zizzle. It's a toy. It's an expensive toy, but cheeeeeeap mini pinball machine. But more to the point, it actually has at least the possibility of not sucking total ass. And that's something I can get excited about!

For the record, I have no connection to Zizzle, outside of some information connections. (i.e. I get nothing by saying any of this.)

OK, I'll shut up and show you the pictures now. :)

The "one sheet" marketing flyer from yesterday.

What the box will more-or-less look like. (ooOooOOoOOoOooOoooo...)

The cabinet, from the front.
I'd guess that's a rotary volume control?

The cabinet, right side. Hey, look, FLIPPER BUTTONS! :)

The cabinet, left side. Similar yet different to the right side, isn't it?

Hey, look... could it be... spots for BIG RED ARROWS and other LIGHT UP INSERTS?!?!?

Full shot of the playfield.

The Zizzle guys say that some elements have changed, so I would not take this picture to be gospel of the finished product. But maybe 80%-90% of the way there.

Backglass Art.
Note that this artwork is different than what was shown in the previous photograph; I believe this is later art.

So there you have it. I figure hey, for $300, why not? It plugs in, so how bad could it possibly be, right? :)

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