So I was working on my Haunted House, and found this interesting hack to the upkicker on the lower playfield:

The hack, wide view. No relay, just an extra diode, a bigass capacitor, and some transistors mounted back to back. (WTF???)

How should we ever mount these transistors to each other? I know, let's use fun-tack!!

What diode do we need? Ahhh, who cares, just make it a big one!

Here's all the wiring for this hack job

The sad part is they cared enough to mount the original transistor to a heatsink, and used heatsink goo. Apparently they thought that was too good for the second transistor.

But the craziest part? For kicks I fired up the game, and the hack works! I threw a ball down there, and it kicks up exactly one time, similarly to how a pop bumper driver board works.

It's still coming out. No game of mine is going to have fun-tack in it!